Turn your Training Programme into an Online Adventure Game

Use compelling and relevant scenarios to help learners learn in an engaging, visual and imaginative way. Learners make tough choices and go down their own paths in the game. Every choice opens up a new path and learners control their own adventure.

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What is Illuminate?

Illuminate is a customised online and mobile learning tool which immerses learners into real life scenarios to create an authentic learning experience, helping learners visualise the results of their actions, while getting personalised feedback and learning materials on the go.

The Game

Learners start with an immersive scenario-based game based on a complete storyline, expressed through the use of videos, pictures and illustrations. Learners have to interact with characters and situations in the story and make tough-call decisions that will lead them down different paths - some good, some bad, some ugly.

At the end of the game, learners receive actionable feedback based on their choices in the story.

In scenario-based learning, learners are challenged to apply their skills and knowledge. They not only read content, but they play a more active role in their learning: analysing content, identifying issues and solving problems. This accelerates their expertise, increases their knowledge retention, and makes them more motivated learners.

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Get Feedback

Every learner’s path in the story will be different because of the actions they take. Illuminate will give individualised feedback based on these actions to give learners personalised feedback on what they have done well and how they can improve. This provides them with a blueprint on how they can begin to translate this learning into their daily work.

Finally, learners can access a Content Vault of micro-lessons designed to complement their experience in the game.

With personalised feedback, every learner’s experience is transformed into an individualised experience. The feedback acknowledges areas in which the learner has grasped the content, and helps to pinpoint areas they need to improve on. This way, every individual receives guidance on specific areas to focus on in their learning and thus reach their learning objectives faster!

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Learning Content

Learners access additional learning content via a mobile-optimised Content Vault. Specially designed micro-lessons help learners learn quickly while providing them with a quick and easy reference any time, any where. Deliver learning directly into the hands of learners at the point of need.

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Illuminate Makes Learning More Effective

Help learners retain more of what they learn and lower their time-to-productivity. Make your learning initiatives more effective and cost-effective.

Motivate with Engaging Content & Gamification


Motivate with Engaging Content & Gamification

Everyone loves a great story and our story-first approach ensures that learners stay engaged while learning. Gamification elements provide extra motivation to access material, providing more learning time with learners.

Unlock Ending Videos

Each story has multiple endings. Learners are encouraged to play the game a few times through to explore how their actions will affect others.

Leaderboards & Discovery Maps

Increase the competitive element with company-wide leaderboards. Let learners own their progress with Discovery Maps.


Bite-Sized Content to Learn on the Go


Bite-Sized Content to Learn on the Go

Learning content is broken down into bite-sized tasks and activities, making it easy for learners to pick up their mobile devices to learn on the go. Learners are going to Google it anyway, so why not provide an official place to go to for help?

Short Micro-Lessons

With each design to be 3-7 minutes long, micro-lessons break up learning into small, useful chunks that learners can consume at their own pace.

Access on Any Device

Learners can access the game and learning content on the go via mobile phones and tablets to maximise their productivity.


Social Learning with Shared Stories & Experiences


Social Learning with Shared Stories & Experiences

Let learners share stories and experiences related to the learning content. Let them get inspired by their peers and learn from each other. Use these stories to facilitate discussions in your face-to-face training or as a standalone.

Shared Stories

Allow learners to share stories and experiences related to the learning content to inspire others and learn from each other.

Great for Company Values

Help learners understand your company values better and how they can apply these values in their daily work.


Give Learners Feedback Every Step of the Way


Give Learners Feedback Every Step of the Way

Give learners actionable feedback on what they have done well and how they can improve. Get reports on the gaps in learning to enhance existing training programmes.

Personalised Feedback

Let learners know exactly how they are doing and how to improve to help them translate learning into action at work.

Great for Blended Learning

Already have an existing training programme? Use Illuminate as an out-of-class activity to blend your training and get insights of learning gaps to address to make your workshop even more effective.


Case Studies & Use Cases

Some examples of how you can use Illuminate for your Company

1) Sales & Customer Service Training

Use Illuminate to tackle challenging issues in Sales and Customer Service. Every customer interaction is difficult and it can take years of training and on-the-job experience for an employee to provide excellent service.

With Illuminate, you can help learners visualise and build experience in various situations before they even meet their first customer. Help them provide the kind of customer service that your company would be proud of!

2) Compliance Training

Turn regular I-can-guess-the-right-answer compliance MCQ into a more engaging and effective programme by using Illuminate to show learners the possible consequences of their actions. Most people don’t see the point of compliance training and do it just because it is the “law”. Illuminate explains why what they are learning is important.

For example, what would happen to the company if:
  • someone in the administrative team defrauds the company by routing money into his personal bank account?
  • a capable and qualified employee is discriminated against and feels miserable at his job just because of his skin colour?

3) Company Values

Use Illuminate to show your Company Values in action and demonstrate to employees how to act in different situations. Guide and foster a strong sense of belonging by aligning employees with the Company Values.

Show employees how their actions can affect others in the company and the various stakeholders.